There is no mystery to Real Estate buying, selling or investing.

The three components remain – “Price, Location and Condition”.  Whitney’s formula for helping homeowners price their homes, home buyers purchase their homes and investors make smart decisions has remained the same over the past 10 years. 

With this formula, Whitney continues to help clients reach their goals and remove any guesswork of the process

With over 12 years of experience under her belt as a licensed Realtor, Whitney Fate opened her own agency in 2017.

Fate Real Estate is an agency formed utilizing the invaluable experiences learned from the mentorship of the family owned brokerage Whitney worked with over the years. An open door policy of the practice to agents and a direct accessibility to the agent each client deserves. 

Whitney takes great pride in the relationships she has built with clients, investors, lenders, title companies and contractors in Tyler, Texas and has retained invaluable knowledge that allows her to walk each client through the steps of their individual real estate process.

Our Mission Statement:

Faith, Family and Supporting Local Economy. 

Faith – God first always in all ways.

Family – Each family is deserving of a home they can be proud of and an agent who is respectful of the home they are selling.

Supporting Local Economy- Born and raised in Tyler, Texas Whitney’s commitment to “keep it local” has been evident in her campaign “Boots on the Ground” in which she pledged to partner with other local business owners to help support their businesses as well. 

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